Fashion meets function in perfect harmony, as pelts are crafted into warm, sophisticated items of clothing that retain their natural attributes. Expert furriers carry out every step in the production process in the workshop, from the consumer’s initial ideas to the finished fashion item.

SwissFur members create model designs and sketch cutting patterns, using their unparalleled experience in sorting and selecting pelts to create a seamless final product. They employ tried-and-tested, traditional techniques to ensure precise cutting and sewing that remains true to the pelt. Carefully crafted lining completes the finished article.

The Swiss fur association promotes the use of pelts from domestic red foxes, employing an artistic, creative approach to turn pelts into sustainable, individual, elegant products, and contributing to the preservation of craftsmanship and fashion in Switzerland.

The Art of Craft
Time To Slow Down

SwissRedFox – fashion inspired by the Swiss red fox

Reuse, not refuse. To keep the Swiss fox population at a healthy level and maintain balance in the ecosystem, around 30,000 foxes are culled in the country every year. The pelts used to go to waste and were simply incinerated, but now, SwissFur furriers are making use of them as a natural, domestic resource.


Caring for, repairing and modifying your natural fur product

The period between spring and summer is the ideal time to give your fur product the attention it needs. Furriers offer professional summer storage for fur products, casting an expert eye over the items in their charge and advising their owners about any repairs that might be necessary. SwissFur partners can also ensure that your treasured fur product remains on trend by making the odd modification or two.

Fur is a sophisticated, ecological, traditional, natural product. The right care, cleaning and storage will guarantee that your fur product remains comfortable to wear. A professional summer storage solution offered by experts will maintain the value of your fur product and ensure that your treasured, unique item remains a joy – every day, year after year.